WE ARE CLOSED (see below notice)
WE ARE CLOSED (see below notice)

Welcome to Frickley 4x4 Offroad Centre



With the Prime Minister "state of the nation" on monday evening regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19).


Frickely 4x4 Offroad Centre will be CLOSED for all future pay & play days including all other bookings.




Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know Frickley 4x4 Offroad Centre.

We welcome your thoughts, comments, site modifications, tips or contact requests.

Please use our email address to get in touch, email: offroad@frickley4x4.co.uk

or our facebook page.

Weekend campsite/group bookings can be made by speaking either Charlie or Malc.

See you at one of our Pay & Play Days.


There is no need to make a booking if you are a group, just turn up on any of the pay & play days.



Site Update:


Site condition: Wet with all the rain we have had.

Two new speed humps have been installed at both ends of the carpark to prevent speeding traffic through the carpark.

The area near the cabin as been developed with new humps and hollows (see photo page) and also the grass field as extra humps.

Construction of a new road has been completed from the cabin to the large grass field which will improve access during the winter period.

Latest News



Photo's & Video's Page


No racing quads or motorbikes.   Helmets must be worn at all times.   No passengers.

4x4 quads only.   Speed limit to be abided by.

Riders must be over the age of 16 years (proof of age is required for young riders).

Any quad bike that is speeding and not abiding to the rules (i.e. speed limit, helmets, etc.) will only be asked once and then repeaters will be asked to leave the site.


If you have any photo's of your day at Frickley 4x4 please email them to offroad@frickley4x4.co.uk and we may add them to the gallery/photo page.


Please add a comment to guestbook page or our facebook page.



What to do at Frickley 4x4


Any make and type of 4x4 offroad vehicle can attend any of the pay and play days. Just turn up on the day, sign in, pay and then play all day.

Wash down facilities are avaibale to make your vehicle road legal. If required a full wash down may be charged at £5 per vehicle.


4x4 quads are only allowed on the 4x4 site (racing quads are not allowed). Lots of water, hills, holes, etc. for playing on or in.

Just turn up on the day, sign in, pay and then play all day.

One of our major points for quad drivers is safety which is paramount. Have a look at the rules.

Pay and Play Days


Open every fortnight on a Sunday, 10am to 4pm.




Further dates to be added.


Site Address at:

Frickley 4x4 Offroad Centre, Broad Lane, South Elmsall, West Yorkshire, WF9 2ND.


Enquiries inc. pay & play days:

Malc  07881 590593

Contact us:

If you have any queries or wish to discuss private days, please contact us.




Camp site weekend

bookings only:

Malc or Charlie

Get social with us.

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